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Onlinegeeks is the best platform where the technical solution is given by the informative blog. If you are facing trouble related to Emails, Social Media, and Windows, there is no need to worry, this can happen with anyone. Sometimes resolving the technical issue takes many time and efforts and it is not sure that you will get a 100% correct solution. But Onlinegeeks gives you proper solutions through the step by step guide to resolve issues such as Email, social media and windows.and here you will get the proper solution of your technical problem. You just need to simply go to the onlinegeeks website and then you can resolve all your technical errors.

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Email :

Email is one of the most popular used features of the internet. It allows you to send and receive messages to other persons with an email address. There are many emails like- Yahoo mail, Gmail, AT&T, AOL etc. that are used by the users from all over the world. But sometimes users face errors with their emails. So whenever you see errors with your Emails, then you can go with the onlinegeeks, here you will get the best solution.

Social Media :

Social media is a great way to interact with family and friends. People use social media on their smartphones and laptops. There are many Social media apps that people are using, {Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram etc} to share photos, videos, messages and other information. But if you want to face trouble on your social media, so you just need to go with Onlinegeeks, here you will find the proper solutions to resolve your social media problem.

Windows :

Windows is a graphical operating system, developed by Microsoft. Windows has been the most famous operating system used by people for their personal computer. It provides the best way to store files, run software, watch videos, play games and connect to the internet. But sometimes users are suffering from windows issues and they don't get proper solutions to solve windows errors. If you are facing the same issue so you can visit onlinegeeks website, and here you can get rid of your windows error.

Jan 10

Top Best Captions for Profile Picture.

Profile pictures are like the display for you and here this is like a photo which will represent your social profile to the public and the visitors will first see the profile picture of your account be it on Facebook or on Instagram.    And if you are an active user of any of the social media platforms then you must be aware of the caption which you put under the photos you upload and same is with the Profile pic caption which includes a caption which must be a good one.    So, here we are....
Jan 4

How to use Multiple Discord Account?

Are you having difficulty in using multiple discord accounts at the same time and struggling to switch from one to the other? Then, you should use our guide to know how you can use multiple discord accounts.   It is very difficult to switch between different discord accounts after opening more than one account at the same time.    If you are wondering what a discord account is? Then, you should know that it is a free application that allows people to message and call each other at the same....
Jan 4

How to Set up your Android TV for the First Time?

If you are here then it could be possible that you have bought a new Android TV set and you are trying to set it up but are not able to do so that is why you are looking for ways to set your TV.    Well, this article will help you with the same and will help you to solve the problem of how do I set up my Android TV? So, let's begin with the steps but before beginning the steps you need to check some requirements which you have to be equipped with.    Requirements for the Procedure –  A good....
Dec 20

How to Fix “this Facebook Page Isn’t Eligible to Have a Username” Error?

Username is something that attracts people to your page and forces them to have a look at the page and the content which is provided by the page. But have you ever imagined what will happen if you do not have a username and you got notification, that this Facebook page isn’t eligible to have a username; it would not be good for you as username allows other people also to tag you on certain posts and other things.    If you are dealing with this problem you do not have to worry as every problem....
Dec 15

How to Appeal to Recover a Disabled Instagram Account?

Love utilizing Instagram? If indeed, losing your Instagram may end up being so bad for you. You may feel disengaged from the world as you understand your Instagram account is disabled. Relax; briefly and acknowledge that your Instagram account is not opening and you can appeal for the form to reactivate the debilitated Instagram account.   Right now, you are searching for ways to enable the Instagram account. There may be a few purposes behind Instagram to disable your account. The reasons....
Oct 20

How Do You Get A Unique Username on Instagram?

On Instagram, if you want to get followers and engage with people so that they would like, comment, and share your posts then you need to have a unique username that will attract users to look up your account. In this article, we will learn how to get the best Instagram names to get followers.    It is very important to select a unique and different username that will make your account different from others and more important than this is the way to select classy Instagram names. The fact that....
Sep 13

How to Use WhatsApp Web And WhatsApp Desktop?

Do you know that you can use your instant messaging WhatsApp on your system via Whatsapp web? So on your busy day, you need not take your phone to reply to people who have texted you.  So if you have a doubt about using WhatsApp on your desktop, follow the steps given below.    How to Use Whatsapp Web? Step 1: Open your browser and then in the address bar type, then click on the options enter. If it is your personal device, you can keep the checkbox saying keep me signed in as....
Aug 24

How to Fix the Latest Windows 10 Sleep Mode Issues?

Windows 10 allows you to put your system on a sleep mode by pressing on the ctrl + shift + del buttons together. Putting the PC in sleep mode helps the users to take a break without turning off the system. Likewise, it enables you to start the world where you left off, preventing you from opening all the files again.    However, it can sometimes happen that Windows 10 won’t sleep automatically. Thus, you need to do it by yourself. Anyway, isn’t it irritating to repeatedly put your computer in....
Aug 4

How to Fix the Slow Godaddy Email Account?

Is your GoDaddy email not working and you are unable to host anything on WordPress? If you try to troubleshoot issues with the help of GoDaddy customer support, you will probably end up with a suggestion to upgrade to an expensive plan. So, what can be done now?    Several reasons can cause issues in GoDaddy hosting and therefore leave you with “Godaddy email not working” issues. We recommend you go through the troubleshooting suggestions mentioned in this article.    How to Fix Slow GoDaddy....
Jul 13

Why Doesn’t Gmail Work On My iPhone? How to Fix It?

Sometimes, when we enter our correct email address and password; still we will not be able to access our account. Has it happened to you? If yes, we will be discussing various possibilities to fix those errors.    When you see your Gmail doesn’t work on an iPhone, it may frustrate, irritate you. That too when you are under the pressure of work, it may increase the rage. Now let’s check the reason for the cause and ways to fix it.    Why Doesn’t it work? So basically when iPhone users travel....
Jul 7

How To Unlock Facebook Account When It Is Temporarily Locked?

Assume that you lost a friend and then one day you wanted to install the Facebook account, through it you are getting connected to your old friend that you have lost their contact with earlier, then is it a good app?    Think that the job of a person is to create a fake ID and then spoil the reputation of others, then what would you say this as? The bad app right?   We can’t conclude that it is bad or good, it is based on the person who uses it. So ‘Facebook temporarily locked’ can be due to....
Jun 22

What is A Phone Extension? And what Are the Advantages of Phone Extensions?

An extension is a three to Six-digit number that identifies a specific call path configuration that permits you to dial and connect to another caller internally. This is not a DID phone number but an internal extension. Outside callers can reach you by dialing your organization’s main phone number directly followed by the intended party’s extension. The phone number extension has many features provided by our VoIP service platform for small businesses to support your call center objectives for....
Jun 21

How to Fix Not Working Godaddy Email with Outlook?

GoDaddy is an American internet domain registrar where you can set domain names and make a sale out of them. They also have the ability to show the expiring domain names on the list. GoDaddy has other important services, and it is considered to be one of the best companies in the world. You may also face GoDaddy email problems with outlook, mainly when you are using Outlook. Nobody can beat GoDaddy’s price point and they offer entry-level websites and this is the reason why this is typically....
Jun 10

How Do I Set up GoDaddy Email on Windows 10?

GoDaddy is an American-traded internet domain registrar and web hosting company. It has numerous customers and employees all over the world. GoDaddy is known for advertisements on television and even in the newspaper. Godaddy has a very apt logo.  To create an account with go daddy in windows 10 there a set step guide to being followed:   When we add our workspace email address to outlook 2016 for window pc, then we can send or receive emails.   Following are the steps to be followed to set up....
May 29

Is KissCartoon Safe and Legal for Watching Cartoons Online?

KissCartoon was one of the most popular online streaming websites that were used by millions of streamers around the globe. It was famous for the very vast variety of content related to cartoons and anime to the streamers for free of cost and that too in HD quality. Sadly the original kisscartoon website and Kiss Cartoon app are no longer available as it faced many copyright and piracy issues. And you must be wondering if Kisscartoon is legal or not? The answer is NO! It is not legal to use....
May 25

What Is A Good Motivational Quote?

Muslim culture is a unification of all the cultures .we consider Islam as the religion which is practised by the Muslim community and it was introduced to the society by Mohmmad who was supposed to be the prophet of the almighty “Allah”. Now it is a saying that if you wish to attain moksha then spirituality is the best way to do so . One who has attained spirituality is free from every materialistic bar . This blog will give you all a clear understanding on the inspirational Islamic quotes and....
May 18

What Are Some Alternatives to Z-library?

Z library is simply a shadow library whose sole purpose is sharing files and projects along with journal articles along with books with the general interest.It holds a total book collection of 5.5 million books and around 77.5 million articles on general topics as per the latest record of 2020. As we all know books are our best friend and that nothing is superior to knowledge and we get all of that by reading books. And the library is the best place from where you can get free of it without any....
May 10

How to Fix Not Loading Animeultima App?

Whenever we want to watch movies and cartoons, we can easily get their movies, web series, shows, videos etc. for free from various paid and free platforms, however, when it comes to anime, there are very few and limited options to choose from. There are very few websites where anime videos are present and even if they are, there are very few of them or incomplete videos or very few to choose from.   But you need not be disappointed, if you are an anime lover, then Anime ultima is the place for....
May 6

How to Delete Kik Account Permanently?

Social media has been all over the place as there are tons of people who are accessing their social media account every day. Tons of great social media platforms offer great filters and features to give a great overall experience to the users.   Among these social media platforms, comes a great social media app, KIK. It has been around for quite a while now and has tons of great filters and features along with the feature that makes revealing your identity almost impossible.   But KIK has been....
Apr 30

How to View your Facebook Profile as Someone Else

Facebook is a prime destination and everyone is used to the service in today’s era. Your Facebook reveals a lot about you. If by any chance the post is made public then anyone can see whatever you post.    Perhaps you always have this option to keep track of your Facebook and by using “view as public” you have the authority to check out how your page looks to the public.   1.Start by visiting the Facebook homepage and hit on the three dots which are right next to the cover photo. 2.Choose on....
Apr 5

Is Yahoo Messenger Coming Back?

Communication has always been a priority for each one of us to express our views since all of us are social animals. Now the situation in the covid worsened and eventually, lockdown changed the life of each one of us. Where we have no way of social interaction, then switching to online media was the only option left. internet media kept us alive during this hard time. Whereas Yahoo messenger was the only means to chit-chat with our peers, being one of the finest in the market. So, a few days....
Apr 1

Can't Click Start on Windows 10?

Think of a situation where you as a user might face the issue of a disabled mouse in the sense that the mouse moves but it simply cannot click on anything even if you try clicking on the trackpad it won’t work. The users have been having this complaint that they often get stuck in the middle of nowhere and they can’t click on anything anymore even if they try rebooting their device.    Our blog has put out some basic guidelines only if you cannot click on windows 10 on taskbar, the steps are....
Mar 15

How Do I Fix Error Code 475 in Yahoo Mail?

To protect all its users from any malware attack, Yahoo temporarily stops sending them to accounts marked with unwanted, or suspicious spamming habits. If Yahoo detects some suspicious activity or an account that is temporarily (but not permanently) blocked from sending messages, you will receive some error messages and you have to wait for access to your mailbox and also the emails reaching your mailbox will be temporarily paused due to suspicious activity Yahoo mail detected.   Reasons for....
Mar 10

How to Fix Facebook Loading Problem?

What is Facebook? Facebook is a social media platform that allows users, who create a account for free, to connect with friends, work colleagues, or loved ones they don’t know, online. It allows users to share albums, music, videos, and News, as well as their thoughts and opinions with however many people they like.   Some teens feel they can express themselves simpler online when compared to the actual world because perhaps they feel the virtual globe is more secure. Teenager's are....
Feb 12

Why Can't I Send Attach Files in Gmail?

  Gmail, we all know how well known this email service provider is. It has given all of its users so many benefits that nobody will ever think about switching their email accounts. However, just like the rest of the email service providers, Gmail also has some problems with its server or sometimes the problem can be internal too, nothing is perfect all the time, there are times when you might wonder why your account suddenly stopped working or even worse. These are very small and common issues.....
Feb 3

Is Yahoo’s Website Down Right Now

Yahoo mail website is one of the most popular domain websites used all over the world. It is a cloud-based messaging solution that allows everyone to stay connected virtually. This is made easy through your email with one-tap access to your inbox, multiple Yahoo account support, and instant email alerts from any device.   Yahoo has provided its clients the best online services and helped people in connecting with other individuals all over the world. Despite all the new versions that Yahoo has....
Jan 15

Why Does my Uploaded YouTube Video have no Sound?

YouTube is one of the largest libraries of videos available on the internet. And the best part is that all the features of YouTube are user-managed. Users can upload a video for everyone to see. But at times, you may encounter a few issues on your YouTube channel when you are unable to receive any sound. If a video is playing and you are not hearing any sound, then it is a cause of concern. The issue is probably with your computer or browser, you have to find out and resolve it.    Here are the....
Jan 15

Is Yahoo and ATT Email the Same?

The Yahoo and AT&T decoupling created a lot of buzzes. In today’s blog, we will be discussing how you can unmerge the two if your Yahoo mail still redirects to AT&T.   Steps to unmerge Yahoo email from AT&T Open your web browser and visit the official sign-in page of AT&T. On the sign-in page enter your login details, that is your email address and your password in the given field and click on sign-in. Once you enter the mail account, click on the profile option that is on top of the navigation....
Jan 13

What to Do If you Forgot your Outlook Password?

Are you using the Outlook email for all your professional work? If so, then you are in great hands as Outlook offers all kinds of features required from a professional email service provider.    But what happens when you forget the password of the Outlook email. It is not like that you can retrieve forgotten outlook passwords without any trouble. Well, you will have to reset the Outlook password and create a new one.    What to do if you forgot your outlook password?   If you don’t have access....

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